Bookmark, RSS Feed and
Newsletter App
for Teams

Too many things to read, too many things to share...

Let Urletter reach out, bring you any content you want to follow, and share it with your team members.

This 3-in-1 app is here to make your daily routine easier and more pleasurable!


Get Hold of
Your Bookmarks

Never forget about or get lost among your bookmarks. Sort them out to find the ones you’re looking for easily.

RSS Feeds

Always be up-to-date with the content you are following, and see them on the same place at the same time.

Create Newsletters
In a Breeze

Share the best bits with your team members or other desirers, and do this without spending much time or effort.

"Team Work"

Team Work

Create teams and channels, and work together efficiently.

"Switch Teams"

Switch Teams

Switch between different teams before logging out and logging in.

"Invite Users"

Invite Users

Invite related users to particular teams, channels or newsletters.



If you edit contents, your changes will be automatically saved.

"Smart Comments"

Smart Comments

All contents include comments, and comments include file uploads.



A small red dot will show you unread URL’s, and disappear when you read them.

"Content Types"

Content Types

See all the content together, or just links, feeds, newsletters and issues.

"Filter Contents"

Filter Contents

Choose among the newest, popular, unread contents or your favorites.

"Readable Mode"

Readable Mode

Regardless of the URL’s source, read everything in a readable mode.

"Archive Option"

Archive Option

Instead of deleting unused contents, you can archive them.

"Draft Option"

Draft Option

When you edit contents, they will be kept as a draft until you publish it.

"Import OPML or Bookmark Files"

Import OPML or Bookmark Files

Import OPML or bookmark HTML files to a specific channel.

"Newsletters for Channels"

Newsletters for Channels

Create newsletters by using the content from a specific channel.

"Newsletter Subscriber Management"

Newsletter Subscriber Management

You can add as many subscribers as you like or remove them.

"Issues with URL’s"

Issues with URL’s

While creating issues, you can choose from the list of URL’s in the channel.

"Issue Statistics"

Issue Statistics

See the statistics of subscribers reached, as well as open and click rates.

  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited links
  • -
  • -
  • 1 month history
  • 5 GB total storage
$3.99 per member / month
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited links
  • Unlimited RSS feeds
  • Unlimited newsletter subscribers
  • Unlimited history
  • 10 GB storage per member

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