Urletter is a side project under Unitz.co. It is a bookmark, RSS and newsletter app for teams. Its logo is an octopus, or more specifically Kraken, which has obviously eight legs that are ready to reach out and bring the knowledge (in this case, URL’s and RSS feeds) you need, manage it, and share it with others in the form of newsletters.


Unitz is a holding company, which mainly focuses on the need of knowledge management for digital agencies and small businesses. The mission of Unitz is to provide necessary tools to satisfy the various aspects of this need, including taking notes, organizing tasks, etc. Unitz apps aim to be to the point, simple yet effective.

Unitz’s logo symbolizes the single unit of 3D origami. These units can be attached to one another organically in any number and any color you like, and in the end they can form a meaningful whole. Unitz will continue to grow in such manner that you will find yourself in a world of problem-solving apps.

Our live apps, by the moment, are uWiking, taskearl, Urletter and Eventhunt.

The Team

Selçuk Fatih Sevinç
Selçuk is the technical head of the company. He is a seasoned developer who works on the field more than a decade. Most of the code you may encounter on the backend and the frontend, on the web and on the mobile belongs to his hard-hardworking mind.
Tuğçe Ayteş
Tuğçe deals with the content and marketing of the company. She loves to play with words and phrases as well as with colors and shapes. Blog posts, newsletters, illustrations, social media posts, translations, advertisements and other related stuff come from this rigorous person.
Chief Motivational Officer
Because there is so much work to do for the co-founders, they need continuous motivation. Here, Leyla steps in. With her constantly wide-eyed looks, she is a source of joy. It is impossible to resist her charms. The result is always a smile on her humans’ faces.